Six years after the first installation of the “Another World Is Possible” series, Shane Claiborne, Jamie Moffett and friends return with a much more developed new exploration of the meaning of war and violence in our world. Retained from the original Volume 1 is Dave Manzo’s jarring Iraq War photo montage as well as Shane’s “Extremists For Love” talk at the annual CCDA conference and a video of the press conference that was held when Shane, Jonathan, Leah and the rest of their Christian Peacemaker Team delegation returned from Iraq.

Volume 1 -War REDUX adds a new introduction with Shane, as well as four new in-depth interviews with a few of his friends who have recently spent time in the various war zones of the Middle East, featuring:

•Amber Christus shares stories from her time with the Circus 2 Iraq troupe Farah bears witness to the devastation of Lebanon during the 2006 Israeli offensive

•Author Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove and his wife Leah share their attempts to apply their dramatic experience in Iraq back home in Durham, North Carolina

•Veteran/ Author Logan Lauturi recounts struggles with his Christian identity during his time in the Army

•Ben Cohen of Ben & Jerry’s makes an animated appearance (cookies in hand) to demonstrate the economic and social costs of warmaking.

•Introduction and conclusion by Shane Claiborne -5 minute Iraq clip -“Extremists For Love” talk by Shane Claiborne -Return from Iraq presentation and press conference